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the "washington post." exposes detailed much that we did not know before about the reach of america's intelligence agencies into the lives of ordinary non-terrorist, non-suspicious people living in this country. the way u.s. intelligence can and does track our phone calls, our e-mails, virtually all of it all the time. laura poitras and glenn greenwald have done this reporting based on classified documents, who has temporary asylum in russia. it is laura poitras and glenn greenwald who know what their source has to tell. it's they who have been telling his story, making news out of the documents he's given to them week after week now since june. yeah, their source may be in russia now, but they're not.
and the pursuit of happiness. it's obvious today that america has defaultsed on this promissory note in so far as her citizens of colors are concerned. although black americans had been given a bad check, it had come back marked insufficient funds, he had refused to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity in this nation. he said, we have come to cash this check. we think of that speech and that march as a singular event. and there is in fact nothing like it in our history. but it is less of a pillar and more like a peak, it is a summit that was reached. it was a moment in an ongoing movement that was well underway and not nearly over by the time that happened. and that march, and that speech like the campaign to desegregate the northwood theater in baltimore, and those protests with the terrifying consequences in america's georgia, that march was a tactic dreamed up in realtime by real imperfect people working together as a body in motion making incremental decisions about what to do next. about what might work. when we come back, we will be joined by the m
membership is. this is what membership does. i have a dream. >> the day that changed america forever. the march on washington. august 28th, 1963. ♪ >> people of all races, regular people from all walks of life, marching against injustice, marching to change history. >> we are the moral revolution. >> how long? we want our freedom and we want it now. >> a call to ask and a call for peace. a word that inspired a people, a nation and the entire world. >> free at least, free at least. thank god almighty we are free at least. >> tonight a special hour-hour toll particulars nation. the march on washington. the dream continues. >>> good evening. i'm al sharpton live from the lincoln memorial here on the national mall. first years ago hundreds of thousands of people stood where i am right now watching history. millions more watching at home, seeing the leaders of the civil rights movement. call for justice and equality. i talked to him from the exact spot where he can spoke 50 years ago. and we'll hear some of the young people who traveled hundreds of miles to help change the course of his
do. there is this assumption that it's america's responsibility to make things better within egypt, within syria, i wish we could. i wish we could bring democracy together. it's a great mistake to think we have the power to do it, and instead we waste enormous amounts of money even trying. and also, there was movement on one issue, as rachel noted. immigration and that's because john mccain can count. every reasonable republican understands if they don't move on immigration, it's a political disaster. unfortunately, reasonable republicans are not anywhere near a majority in the house. >> let me ask you about that, it does feel to me like, i love that part of what the president is doing here is saying, you got an answer to this, go ahead and try. it also seems that the president's real challenge has been with these house republicans who won't even get in line with their own party leadership. does working with an elder like senator mccain make any difference in that kind of environment? >> unfortunately, probably not. by the way, we did get the confirmation tonight. and i think that'
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. america needs policy makers who will defend conservative values, not work with those who are actively undermining those values. we ask you to conclude your long and notable career by retiring with dig any, instead of fighting against a serious conservative challenger, who would expose to all tennessee voters the actual history of your voting record. and it's signed by a whole list of tea party and activist groups in his state. they don't have a challenger to run against him. they're trying to scare him out of office by the idea of a right-wing challenger in the abstract. lamar alexander has an 80% lifetime rating from the american conservative union. he is a right-wing republican politician, but he is not right wing enough! and so he must be purged! he has occasionally been known to work on legislation that f l actually becomes lu, and that, of course, is an unpardonable sin. for that hard work, including compromise and bipartisanship. that hard work that has contributed to real law and our discovery of things like new species, senator alexander is now being threatened by his own spe
. it would be perfect, except for lots of people in america, the sentinels have been a thing in pop culture since 1965 thanks to marvel comics. come on, the sentinels, among the greatest comic book villains in the history of the comic book villains. the sentinels are robots who decide to dominate humanity for our own good. we are the sentinels. our brain is superior to your brain. it's hard to believe that the heritage foundation didn't know this, didn't google it. the sentinels are part of the "x men" series. it's not an old dusty long forgotten thing. the "x men" thing is popular right now. you can make it up. they're designing the costume for the evil sentinel villains in the "x men" movies. the other day "x men" fans were passing around this picture of what the giant sentinel's costume might look like in the new movie. this is what everybody thinks of when we already do think of the sentinels. zap. fry. submit to my superior brain. this is the one where it says, in this issue, look, everybody dies. hey, heritage foundation, these are the sentinels. run for your life. heritage foundation
metric testing has indicated that in at least in america, you have jews with the highest average i.q., followed by east asians. these are real differences, they're not going to go away tomorrow. >> that is the guy who jim demint hired as senior policy analyst to crunch the numbers on immigration reform. lo and behold, the heritage study finds when a guy like that crunches the numbers. it turns out that immigrants are terrible. they're so dumb and they can never get smarter. not without better breeding at least. that was really embarrassing for the heritage foundation. it's also embarrassing they never fired that guy once everybody reported what his background was when the report came out and freaked everybody out. after his background came out, they never explained why they hired him in the first place. the heritage foundation is still sights the report as if it's good science. here's the thing about the heritage foundation. jim demint is the president of the group now, the head of research at the heritage foundation is this guy. do you remember him? do you remember david adding to
in october? on a wednesday. here in america, we generally hold big statewide, big federal elections on tuesdays in november. wednesday in october? and, in fact, new jersey already has a previously scheduled big statewide election on a tuesday this november. a big normal election on a big normal election day. tuesday in november. but the u.s. senate seat election between cory booker and the former mayor is going to be held on a different day, less than three weeks before the normal election day on a wednesday. why? because on that tuesday in november, real election day, new jersey governors chris christie, is on the ballot. he's running for re-election as new jersey governor, and as he is making the state of new jersey spend an extra $12 million to hold a whole separate election for this senate seat, less than three weeks before there's going to be an election anyway. amazing. presumably he is going this because he does not want to be on the same ballot with a democrat as popular as cory booker. there is basically no one in politics who thinks that chris christie is at any risk of no
of america's intelligence agencies into the lives of ordinary non-terrorist, non-suspicious people living in this country. the way u.s. intelligence can and does track our phone calls, our e-mails, virtually all of it all the time. laura poitras and glenn greenwald have done this reporting based on classified documents, who has temporary asylum in russia. it is laura poitras and glenn greenwald who know what their source has to tell. it's they who have been telling his story, making news out of the documents he's given to them week after week now since june. yeah, their source may be in russia now, but they're not. glenn greenwald lives in brazil with his partner who's brazilian. laura poitras has been living in germany, to work on her documentary about u.s. surveillance without worrying the u.s. government will try to seize her material. earlier yesterday morning glenn greenwald got a call, informed him his partner, personal life partner, his boyfriend, had been detained by authorities in uk at the heathrow airport, david miranda, he's brazilian. he was on his way home from visiting laur
segregated hours, if not the most segregated hours, in christian america. >> martin luther king facing a lot of hostility in the 1960s. gary young, author of "the speech," and folk singer peter yarro yarrow. that is "all in" for this evening. rachel maddow starts right now. >>> happy friday. late last night in phoenix, arizona, there was a protest. a long-planned protest that turned into somethings, something unexpected. the plan was that people were going to chain themselves to a fence or to the gates on a fence. and that went okay, it went as planned. they chained themselves to this fence in protest. four people ended up getting arrested. there were lots of people on sight with signs and banners supporting people doing this civil disobedience, particularly supporting the people who got arrested. so that happened yesterday in phoenix. it went as planned, a successful protest. but then something else happened. a bus showed up. and a bus started to pull out of that facility that they had chained themselves to the gates of. and it was a bus that was loaded up with immigrants, who were being fo
opened. until by nbc's latest count, 22 embassies and cons lates from north america, excuse me, north africa to the middle east to central asia, are planning to shut their doors on sunday, august 4th, and potentially keep them closed in the days following. today the uk joined the u.s. in announcing the closure of its embassy in yemen for at least two days. why is this happening? what is the threat? no one is willing to say even anonymously what the threat is. just that it comes from a credible source. but they do seem to be willing to say where it is likely to be coming from. as nbc's andrea mitchell reported tonight. >> the most likely place for an attack? the alert warned of attacks possibly occurring in or emanating from the aribbian peninsula. officials told nbc that means yemen whose leader met with president obama thursday and where there have been at least three covert u.s. drone strikes this past week alone. >> that was nbc's andrea mitchell latest reporting tonight on what may have precipitated the closing of all those embassies. joining us now is evan coleman, nbc news terro
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. yes. america's beloved and brilliant satirical newspaper. when the syrian hackers took over the "onion's" twitter account, they responded as only they could. "syrian electronic army has a little fun before inevitable upcoming deaths at hands of rebels." so it was the "ap," the "guardian" newspaper, the geniuses at the "onion." ten days later it was the "financial times" to promote and link to a violent graphic video. in july, the same pro-syrian government hacker group hit "reuters" again taking over the "reuters" twitter account and this time posting political cartoons about the syrian war. they were able to control "reuters'" twitter account for more than half an hour which is a long time for something like this. a month later the same group reportedly hit the "washington post" and also cnn and also "time" magazine. when it launched that last attack, the syrian electronic army tweeted an image to show they had taken over the domain names. between late april and mid august, four months, this anonymous unknown hacker group, allied with the syrian government, successfully attacked and t
in college, and then... i joined teach for america. that's the reason i'm here. >>> republicans like to say all democrats are interested in is free stuff. to that i say, what about virginia where the republican governor and attorney general have turned piling up free stuff into a rolex and ferrari driving art form? we've got the latest just ahead. >>> the great fast food strike of 2013 continued today with workers walking away from the cash registers and burger grills and fry-a-laters to picket for a livable wage. they're asking for $15 an hour, twice what they typically earn. they've been asking in chicago and new york and st. louis, i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. do you toss and turn? wake up with back pain? if so, call us now. you'll learn how the sleep number bed helps relieve back pain by allowing you to adjust the firmness and support to conform to your body for a more proper spinal alignment. just look at this research... 93% of participants experienc
to take the next big leap forward in american politics. america must turn our lonely eyes to reese witherspoon's character elle woods in the movie "legally blond 2." we join our "legally blond" explainer, she's talked out of being distraught by friends who see a way to make something happen in congress though the leadership in congress does not want it to happen. take it away. >> i just don't think i'm cut out for this. >> oh, we have a plan. two words for you. discharge petition. >> with a couple hundred signatures, we can spring the bill from committee straight to the house floor for a vote. >> i don't know. that sounds really complicated. >> you've come farther than any of us while maintaining your balance and sparkle. we never sparkle. >> none of us ever thought one person could make a difference. until you came along. >> if i remember correctly, isn't that, like, 218 signatures? >> it's not that hard. >> yeah. yeah. i guess i know women with more shoes than that. wait, that's me. >> elle, it's time to finish what you started. >> and it worked. it works. at least i think it --
or even over america." >> i wrote thousands and thousands of words on the subject. you have picked a few words and twisted them into an untruth. >> can i ask you about something else you've written in your newsletter and you can tell me -- >> you can say anything you want. you're running the camera. >> you posited in print in your own publications. there was no editor. it wasn't taken out of context. >> here we go again. >> that aids was a government conspiracy. that it wasn't real. that the government -- >> i absolutely deny that. i never, ever in my life made a statement like that. you are lying. i never made statement like that and i know it. you are lying. the statement you just made is an outright lie. >> quoting from mr. robinson's newsletter. "only" -- >> no way. you are lying. >> look. it's on the screen. yay. >> i have never in my life -- >> "only government reclassification of more and more disease types as aids cases has kept the numbers of victims at politically necessary levels." you wrote it. i'm quoting it. do you no longer believe it? >> no. you -- madam, i'm not going to
, to the sunshine of california, we are one day away from changing america. one day. >> the next day barack obama went on to win florida. he when on to win virginia. he went on to win north carolina. a democrat won in north carolina. bill clinton did not win north carolina either time. but barack obama did. he did. just barely. he won by a little more than 14,000 votes. that was the first time a democrat had carried north carolina in a presidential election since jimmy carter. the obama campaign thought the state of north carolina was within reach. they pumped $15 million into the state to try to win it and they won it. they won on the strength of some key voting groups in the state. for example, voters 29 and younger voted for barack obama 74% to 26%. look at the african-american vote in north carolina. black voters in the state went for barack obama 95%-5%. turnout in the '08 presidential election was up across the country. that, of course, was a big historic election. it drew lots and lots of attention. turnout in north carolina was way up. it was the largest increase in turnout anywhere in th
, an excuse for inaction. >> president obama will ensure that the united states of america makes our own decisions on our own timelines based on our values and our interests. we know that after a decade of conflict, the american people are tired of war. believe me, i am, too. but fatigue does not absolve us of our responsibility. just longing for peace does not necessarily bring it about, and history would judge us all extraordinarily harshly if we turned a blind eye to a dictator's wanton use of weapons of mass destruction against all warnings, against all common understanding of decency. these things we do know. >> john kerry's extremely strong statement this afternoon seemed to leave almost zero doubt the white house intended to act unilaterally in syria with a military strike, but then rather confusingly, it was almost immediately followed up with a statement from the president, himself, at an event with baltic leaders that if not substantively opposed to kerry, the opposite in tone. >> the world has an obligation to make sure that we maintain the norm against the use of chemical wea
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